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Book Review: Elizabeth Greenwoods Playing Dead

To provide some perspective, Greenwood notes that there are 90,000 people missing in the United States at any given time, but there have only been 564 reported cases of life-insurance fraud in the past 25 years. She focuses on the marquee cases of Skip Trace “pseudocide,” like those orchestrated by Ahearn, who, he says, charges his clients an average of $30,000. Greenwood’s single-minded pursuit of faked-death narratives, which are relatively rare compared to disappearances (even Ahearn doesn’t recommend it as a strategy), scarcely hides her fascination with the glamor of escapism. But even in the death-fraud underworld, access and authenticity are inseparable. Greenwood is not concerned with bodies so much as with the traces they leave behind, which, she http://alphoexv8.blogger-news.net/background-advice-on-realistic-topickeyword-strategies suggests, have never been more varied than they are today, making them a worthy subject of her investigation. Nowadays, we have several additions to the list of traces: ever-present public cameras; government and corporate databases, choked with the personal stats of its citizenry; security and border checkpoints; and social media. Greenwood spins out her essays along trails of cash flow, digital footprints, grieving and complicit lovers. Life and death reside now more than ever in the eye of the beholder. Take, for instance, Samuel Israel III . He was the manager of a hedge fund until he was sentenced to 20 years in prison, in 2008, for financial malfeasance and fraud.

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