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Filipino band Parokya ni Edgar back in Dubai

Transforming CCP complex into an autonomous Cultural Heritage Tourism Zone. This will radically engage the holistic cooperation, and further cater to the emerging needs, of artists and entrepreneurs alike toward their cultivation in an increased number of excellent performance centers and opera halls brilliantly intertwined with souvenir shops, malls and cinemas. In line with the presidential thrust towards “federalism,” a mini-CCP can be established in every region. This shall open access through a two-way flow of performing arts from highly urbanized centers to and from even the most depressed Filipino communities. Indigenous dances, music, weaves, and heritage shall be raised to global class while our indigenous people in hinterland regions can comfortably enjoy the uplifting concertos of Beethoven or the magical operas of Mozart or the riveting pop musical dramas of Les Miserables or Phantom of the Opera. Creativity and arts shall comprise an essential part of primary and secondary education curricula. And with teachers expertly trained in the use of creative arts to enhance the teaching process and save the young students from languor, boredom and depression. Finally, arts and culture can become a critical and vital complement in the campaign against youth drug addiction. This will transform drug-crazed Filipino youth by stimulating their minds towards creative and positive synergies and substituting their craving for synthetic and destructive drugs, as well as harmful computer games.

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